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Renting agent

If you hire Brick Vastgoed B.V. to act for you as a renting agent, we will execute the following tasks for you.

  • Identifying the Client’s search profile/residential wishes.
  • Searching for and selecting available homes which comply with the search profile/residential wishes. Full market search, so we will also check the properties from other reliable agencies.
  • Organising viewings and actually carrying out viewings
  • Arranging transport if needed
  • Arranging pickup and return of client if needed
  • Assessment of viewings with the Client.
  • Compiling a file on the Client on the basis of which the Client is presented as a prospective lessee to potential lessors.
  • Providing general information about the possibilities of finding a home, the local housing market, housing permits, housing allowances, rent protection
  • Negotiating on behalf of the Client with the lessor on the rent conditions such as the date of effect, rent, lease period, furnishings, maintenance and suchlike.
  • Written confirmation of made agreements with lessor
  • Drawing up a good lease, if needed also in English.
  • Providing explanation and answering any questions of the Client on the lease.
  • Arranging for signing of the lease by both parties.
  • Ensuring that the first payment to the lessor is made on time.
  • Organising handover of the home.
  • Drawing up a very professional inspection report (with photos) (including the meter readings, control keys, control inventory, listing defects).
  • Assisting in acquiring utilities and telephone/Internet services in the Client's name.
  • Providing support for: maintenance contracts, removals, transport/purchase of fittings, looking for workers for painting work, wallpapering. Floor covering and suchlike
  • Addressing the lessor where necessary to comply with his obligations on commencement of the lease.
  • Being the first point of contact for the Client during the term of the lease.


Renting agent costs:

A full month excluding vat agency fee (no cure no pay) if we rent a property via another real estate agent. If in the end we rent a property from ourselves, you don't have to pay a full month agency fee, only 350 euro excl vat administration costs.