Rent out house

Property Management

When renting a property, Brick Vastgoed B.V. offers a total real estate management package. This total package consists of 3 categories.

We offer tenants a 24-hour property management service. The tenant can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if a problem arises in the rented property.

Total Property Management package

Financial and administrative real estate management

  • Collecting and taking care of the administration of the periodical rent payments
  • Sending payment reminders to tenant and contacting a bailiff if necessary
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe from energy suppliers
  • Arranging contracts with energy suppliers
  • Settling of payment on behalf of the renter
  • Taking care of rent increase and the accompanying written notices
  • Administration and settlement of advances and service costs
  • Transfer ownership of energy contracts 

Technical Real Estate Management

  • Taking care of start and ending inspections and formulate inspection reports
  • Inspections in case of complaints
  • Periodical preventive inspections, if needed
  • Dealing with complaints
  • Formulate maintenance proposals
  • Request for quotations, ordering and checking maintenance

Commercial Real Estate Management

  • Determine rent
  • Relation management between tenant and letter
  • Investigation of income data of the tenant
  • Formulate tenancy agreements according to the current ROZ-models
  • Supervision on correct compliance with the rental conditions
  • Property views with potential tenants
  • Dealing with Rent Tribunal cases and restrict if possible
  • Dealing with tenancy cancellations
  • After a tenancy cancellation, immediately checking for new candidate tenants