Work area

Brick Vastgoed B.V. mediates as a housing agency between tenant and landlord and due to its excellent network with multinationals (ASML, Philips, NATO), local companies and individuals can offer quick results when renting or letting a property in the Eindhoven area.

The headquarters of Brick Realty is located in Eindhoven. This city is not only known for its cozy atmosphere, but also for its constant innovations in technology, creativity, design and knowledge. Eindhoven is characterized by the many large organizations located in this city. The city has a special alternation between large multinationals (ASML, Philips, NATO) and many local companies. The city is therefore constantly developing and this energy can be noticed throughout the city.

Renting to expats

People from abroad also seem to have discovered Eindhoven. With the airport in Eindhoven, it is also more accessible for them to come to this beautiful city. There is a lot of work for them in the multinationals. These expats are often looking for housing in this city, for both temporary stay and longer term. Not only among expats, but throughout the city, more and more house seekers are coming to the Eindhoven area. It is a favorable time to rent out your property in this area.

Work area

Brick Realty operates in the Eindhoven area and throughout the city of Eindhoven. This includes the 7 districts of this city:

  • Woensel - a cozy neighborhood where the multicultural side of Eindhoven comes to the fore.

  • Strijp - the neighborhood known for the former Philips building where many innovations took place. Nowadays a hotbed of housing,work and creativity. There are many studios in this area.

  • Centrum - the oldest part of Eindhoven. Is known for its tourist attractions, as well as coziness.

  • Tongelre - special nature and agricultural architecture.

  • Gestel - this district used to be a village and this can be seen in the authentic environment of this district.

  • Stratum - this district is full of cultural highlights and beautiful architectures.

  • De Bergen - known for characteristic streets and cozy restaurants. Very trendy and modern.

Furthermore, we rent properties in:

  • Waalre & Aalst
  • Veldhoven
  • Helmond
  • Son
  • Valkenswaard
  • Other villages around Eindhoven

Profile of real estate agent in Eindhoven and surroundings

In 7 steps we rent out your property. Would you like to know more about renting out your property? Here you can read more and see our complete procedure.

  1. Listing your property
  2. Finding a tenant
  3. Viewing
  4. Screening of potential tenants
  5. Drawing up the rental agreement
  6. Payments and release of lease
  7. Inspections and key transfer

Rent out your property!

Renting in Eindhoven?

Are you looking for a property in Eindhoven? We offer several properties. All houses and apartments presented are either fully furnished or unfurnished. 

  • Apartment
  • Commercial
  • Corner house
  • Maisonette
  • Duplex room
  • Studio
  • Courtyard
  • Vila



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