Temporary rental Eindhoven

Temporary rental Eindhoven is a great alternative to not leave your vacant property unattended.
Is your owner-occupied home not being sold, are you going abroad for a certain period of time, are you moving in together but do not want to sell your own home or have you obtained a home from an inheritance? In such situations temporary rental Eindhoven can be an attractive option. Your home will be occupied and you will receive a monthly rent from the tenant.

Temporary rental Eindhoven

It is wise to use an expert partner to arrange your temporary rental Eindhoven. Renting out your property is bound by rules and it is important that everything is properly taken care of. In addition, it is good to know that a reliable company like Brick Vastgoed will guide you and take care of all the administration and rules, but also select and research a suitable tenant. Take a quick look at the rental offer for a temporary rental Eindhoven.

Why choose Brick Vastgoed for temporary rentals Eindhoven?

Would you like to rent out your apartment or house in Eindhoven? We have listed the advantages of renting through Brick Vastgoed;

  1. Extensive network and contacts with HR departments of companies in Eindhoven
  2. Accurate, fast service
  3. Personal contact with the landlord
  4. Brick Vastgoed also takes care of the management of your property during the rental period

View our approach to temporary rentals

Would you rather rent out you property for a longer period of time?

Rental agency Eindhoven

We are known as a reliable rental broker in Eindhoven and of course we are very proud and careful about this. We also do temporary rental Eindhoven. We work carefully and accurately and can often provide you with expert assistance in letting your property at short notice. Furnished rentals are also possible.

Thanks to our large network of companies and educational institutions in the Eindhoven region we can often rent out your home at short notice for the period you require.

Benefits of temporary rental