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Short stay Eindhoven

Are you looking for housing for your short stay in Eindhoven? We have a wide range of apartments, flats and houses in different price ranges that correspond exactly with the wishes of expats or foreign students. Your short stay in Eindhoven, whether for work, study or other reasons, starts at our dedicated temporary housing agency in Eindhoven.

Our rental agents are looking forward to help and advice you during the process to rent a house in Eindhoven. We are fully dedicated to Eindhoven and surroundings and have a large network in this area which we can use to find the best housing solution for you.

Your rental agent

Searching for a house or apartment to rent in Eindhoven? If you hire Brick Vastgoed B.V. as your rental agent, we start with identifying your profile and wishes. Then we will be searching for and selecting available homes which comply with the search profile and residential wishes. We will search for the best housing until we find it. We work with a 'no cure, no pay' policy.

Why stay at a hotel during your short stay? Staying in your own temporary house is much more comfortable and will extend the pleasure of your stay in Eindhoven

Short stay Eindhoven
Looking for a short stay in Eindhoven? See our offer

Short stay Eindhoven: apartments and more...

Brick Vastgoed provides high quality apartments in the centre of Eindhoven. We have a regularly changing selection of apartments and houses in all neighbourhoods.

These apartments are fully furnished and make your temporary stay in Eindhoven extra special.

Rentals for expats in Eindhoven

If you're an expat in Eindhoven looking for a place to stay, look no further. Brick Vastgoed helpe expats find the home of their dreams. Or at least a home that you can live in properly. We are often approached by international companies to find housing for their employees. We help these companies to find a suitable home for their employees. And due to our years of experience we know how to approach every expat and find a suitable home for every individual.

House Rental in Eindhoven

Brick Vastgoed also does House Rental in Eindhoven. If you are looking for a place to live for a longer period of time, we can help you find a home to stay in. All you have to do (at least, we recommend it) is fill out te register form for free. This way we will get a better picture of who you are and the kind of house you are looking for. It will be much easier for us to find you a home to stay in. You can find the register form here. Of course you can call Brick Vastgoed B.V. for more information at +31 (0) 40 211 61 49.

Brick Vastgoed B.V.

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