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Good service, really professional

Pauli Husa



Chieh Chou


Awesome!! Nick is enthusiastic finding the right house for us. We have a smooth communication, inspection and handover. Thanks again to Brick Vastgoed for finding a sweet home for us.

Zanzinger Raul


Excellent service, fast and precise communication. Like it!

Usman Sadiq


I am satisfied with the services offered. They were quick in replying to emails and questions regarding the rental contract.

Sabina Manzari


Well done work.

Agnes Pap


We are satisfied with everything!

Elis Yamaguchi


I would like to thank Brick Vastgoed B.V. for the amazing support I have got in my search for a house in Eindhoven area. I was told by my colleagues that Eindhoven is a highly dynamic area and challenging to find a place to live and I was amazingly surprise to be able to find our home in one day! Also, the team not only facilitate the whole search but they were truly committed and concern that our choice fitted into my family needs. Thanks for goes beyond and helps us to be happily settled in our new house.

Arno Meingast


It was a very good experience and Brick was really helpful. You got your answers to your questions really fast and he made sure that your get the right home for your needs! Thanks a lot.

Mohit Kumar


It was overall a good experience. Brick was very helpful in answering all the questions. He made it sure that whatever was promised in the advertisement, was actually given. Every minute detail about the house was well documented to make tenant's and landlord's life easy.

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