Rental property Eindhoven

Enlist our help if you want to rent out your property in Eindhoven and surrounding areas. As a housing intermediary, we specialize in renting and managing private real estate. Our offer in rental properties ranges from single-family houses, rooms to villas.

Rent out your property in the Eindhoven region?

For years we have been renting out properties to individuals, companies and expats. In short: we are a renowned Housing Agency in Eindhoven and surroundings. An authority in the region when it comes to housing.

With years of experience and an extensive network, we rent out your property quickly. We keep in close contact and communicate regularly during this process. Renting out your property in the Eindhoven region? Do not hesitate to contact us. 

We would like to meet you and discuss your wishes and needs. 

Rent out your property fast?

Brick Vastgoed has a lot of experience in mediating between homeowners, expats and companies. We have direct contacts with Hr departments of (large) companies in the Eindhoven area. Think about companies, such as: ASML, Philips and Defense/NATO.

Via Brick Vastgoed your property comes under the eyes of numerous companies and private tenants who are looking for a rental property. To increase your chances as tenant and landlord, we work closely with various partners in the region. As a result, we always quickly find a reliable tenant for your property.

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Rent out your property furnished?

So would you like to rent out your property, which is fully furnished? You can, because it's a great option when you're temporarily abroad or when you're moving in with someone else and want to keep your property.

Whatever your reason, Brick Realty makes it incredibly easy for you to rent out your furnished property. Many international students and employees are looking for a furnished property to rent for a certain period of time. 

Renting out your house furnished to expats

There is a market for this, we notice. Often this is also a big advantage, because many expats are looking for furnished housing.

Expats often arrive shortly before they start work. Finding and buying new furniture is time-consuming and difficult.

Among other things, they often do not know how long they will stay. And should they stay in the Netherlands, it is not certain whether they will stay in your home or look for something else again. Their situation is very uncertain. 

They are looking for security. A furnished house in a nice location. Often in the city or close to work.

Do you want to rent your house furnished to expats? Enlist the help of Brick Vastgoed. We will pair you up with the perfect match and all on short notice.

Letting your own home

If you inherit a house or you are going to live abroad for a longer period of time, renting out your own home is often a good idea.

However, this is quite a process and there are many (legal) hooks and eyes to renting out your house. Brick Vastgoed can help you with letting your property for a short period or permanently.

Why rent out your own home?

There can be several reasons why renting out your own home can be an option. If you inherit a property, then renting it out is a very good option. After all, if you own 2 properties in your name, it can be tax disadvantageous for you.

When you rent out your own home, you declare it in box 3 with the tax authorities, this results in a much more advantageous tax rate on your property.

How to rent out your own home.

The tax benefit and rental income are great advantages of renting out your own home, but of course you also think about the costs involved.
And what about all the administration and laws and regulations? This is an obstacle for many people to rent out their home.
That's a shame, because we can assist and guide you from A to Z.

If you wish, we can even take the whole process out of your hands. When we rent out your property for you, we will completely take the following matters off your hands:

  • Finding tenants
  • Arranging viewings
  • Screening of prospective tenants
  • Drawing up the rental agreement
  • Collecting payments and releasing the rental agreement
  • Inspections and key transfer.

Renting out your property temporarily

Is your property temporarily vacant? Temporary rentals ensure that your property is occupied while vacant. This reduces the risk of burglaries and you will receive monthly rent from the tenant. 

There are several reasons why you may be looking for a temporary tenant for your property.

  • You are going abroad for a certain period of time
  • You are going to live together and do not yet want to leave your own home
  • You have obtained a property from an inheritance
  • The house will not be sold
  • You are going to work and live somewhere else temporarily

To ensure that your property does not sit empty for long, you can rent it out with Brick Realty. We have an effective working method and always go to great lengths to find the right tenant for your property. This is because it is very important to us that your property remains safe and in good condition. 

Types of properties

Brick Realty ensures that any type of property can be rented. These include:

  • apartment
  • room
  • house

In addition, Brick Vastgoed B.V. is specialized in the property management of private real estate in the Eindhoven region.
We arrange everything for you and you have only one point of contact that manages your affairs professionally and reliably for you.
How nice is that?

4 benefits of renting out your property

There are many reasons why you may want to rent out your property.

For example, you may leave for a period of time abroad, inherit a property or move in together.

It is also possible that you buy properties as an investment and then rent them out.

In all cases where you are temporarily not occupying a property, house rental can be an interesting option.

Brick Vastgoed has been mediating between landlords and tenants for many years and we would be happy to inform you about the advantages.

Advantage #1
The property is not vacant

An occupied property is always better than one that is vacant for a longer period of time.

For example, a property that is unoccupied for an extended period of e.g. several months is more likely to be burglarized, but there is also a chance of it becoming a squat.

This will obviously lower the value of your property and has many adverse consequences that you can avoid by ensuring that the property remains occupied.

By not leaving your property unattended but renting it out, the value of the property will be preserved.

Advantage #2
Avoid double housing costs

For the vacant home, expenses must be paid by the homeowner.

Perhaps there is still a mortgage on the property that must be paid monthly as well as waste disposal charges and other living expenses. Renting gives you income from rental income with which you can meet the living expenses. 

Advantage #3
Leegstandswet offers many possibilities

Temporary rentals based on the Empty Homes Act offer additional security and make it easier, for example, to terminate the rental of the property after a certain period of time.

Advantage #4
Eindhoven is in high demand by expats

Due to the fact that Eindhoven is known as Brainport of the Netherlands and many large international companies are located here, there is a high demand for good rental housing.

Expats enjoy living in a normal environment and therefore like to choose a home in one of Eindhoven's beautiful neighborhoods.

We notice that houses and apartments in all price ranges are interesting to rent to expats. Also, these expats are often looking for furnished properties.

Our working method

1. Admission of your accommodation
The recording of the accommodation can take place in person (by appointment) at your premises, but if you are familiar with letting, it is also possible to offer your accommodation by telephone or email.

In the case of a personal appointment, one of our employees will visit you to record your rental object by means of photos, measurements and text. Then your important questions about the rental can also be answered. 

2. Finding the tenant
The details and photos of your property are displayed on our own well visited website. Through window posters and V-signs on your property, attention will be drawn to your accommodation.

In addition, we place your rental property on several other websites and a lot of attention is paid to internet (Google) marketing. 

We also use our database of house seekers. In our database are registered house hunters who are currently or will soon be looking for housing.

If a new accommodation meets his/her criteria, the house hunter is automatically informed of the new offer.

3. Viewing
If a house seeker is interested in your accommodation and after a background check shows that he/she can afford the accommodation, we will contact you to schedule and accompany a viewing.

4. Screening of prospective tenants 
We screen our candidates on the basis of the income and identity data they are required to submit.

We will present interested prospective tenants to you based on the (background) information provided by them. You as the owner are ultimately the one who makes the decision whether to accept the candidate or not.

5. Drafting the rental agreement
Brick Vastgoed B.V. will draft the lease agreement, which is based on the model agreement of the Raad voor Onroerende Zaken (ROZ).

The agreement will then be discussed with all parties involved. The tenant will be the first to sign the agreement, followed by the landlord. 

6. Payments and release of lease
If everything is agreed and the contracts are signed by both parties, the first month's rent and the deposit will be collected by us.

These will be paid into your account within 5 working days of receipt.

7. Inspections and key transfer (in case of outsourcing management)
After both parties have fulfilled their obligations, we will take care of the key transfer and perform an initial inspection (no money means no key!).

Upon termination, a final inspection and final cleaning will also take place. Any defects and cleaning costs will then be deducted from the deposit.

Using a good rental agent

Despite the above benefits, we understand that it can still be exciting for you to rent out your property. After all, it means that strangers will be staying in your home and that can be quite sensitive.

We therefore always advise you to hire a rental agent and take this off your hands. We have been established in Eindhoven for many years and have a lot of experience in letting out houses. We can relieve you of all your worries.

Of course you can also view our current offer of rental apartments in the Eindhoven region directly online.

If you would like to rent out your property or would like more information without obligation, please contact us. This can be done using our contact form, on 040-2116149 or at

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