Rental agent

Does it bother you too? The extremely crowded market makes it incredibly difficult to get an invitation to a viewing. Applications pour in at every rental property and no matter how enthusiastic you are, you don't get in. Let alone qualify to rent. This is obviously very annoying, fortunately we can help you with that.

Expertise and experience

Because we have been the rental agency of the Eindhoven area for many years, we have a large network. This means we can get you to the top of the queue for the same house you couldn't even come by yourself. We can also do a lot for you if you are an expat. This is because we have direct contact with renowned companies such as ASML, UPS, Philips and NATO for properties in the Eindhoven region. Through years of cooperation, we have even become a preffered agent for these companies.

So you get a much better chance of finding a new home, but how do we work as a rental agent?

The working method of Brick Vastgoed

  1. A comprehensive, personalised inventory of your search profile and housing needs. That way, we know exactly what you are looking for.
  2. We then search for available properties that meet the specified criteria in the entire search area(Full market search).
  3. Jointly go through the options available to you, plan and evaluate viewings in order to compile a dossier.
  4. We will negotiate on your behalf with the landlord about the rental conditions of your future home.
  5. After mutual agreement, we will put together a sound rental agreement, if necessary we will also provide it in English.
  6. Taking care of the signing of the rental agreement by both parties.
  7. Organising the handover of your new home, which is convenient for you and the landlord.
  8. Preparing a very comprehensive and professional initial inspection report (with photos) including meter reading, key control, inventory check, inventory of defects etc). We include everything, so you won't face any surprises in the future.
  9. We help where necessary: drawing up maintenance contracts, moving house, transporting/purchasing inventory, looking for workmen for painting, wallpapering, floor covering, etc. You can't get any better care. 
  10. We are always there for you if you have any questions during the term of your rental agreement.
  11. The joy of living in your new home can begin!

Are you ready to outsource finding a rental property?

Are you already getting excited by our approach? In any case, we can't wait to help you with your search! Do you still have questions or would you like to schedule an appointment right away? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Renting agent costs:

A full month excluding vat agency fee if we rent a property via another real estate agent. The non refundable start up costs are 500 euro excl. vat.