Rental agency in Eindhoven

Renting out a property in Eindhoven and the surrounding area, how does that work? We at Brick Vastgoed know all about it. Enlist our help for a worry-free rental of your property. Whether it's a room, a single-family house or a detached villa. We take care of everything for you as an owner.

Renting out your property in the Eindhoven region?

For years, we have been renting properties to individuals, companies and expats. In short: we are a renowned Housing Agency in Eindhoven and the surrounding area. An authority in the region when it comes to letting properties.

With years of experience and an extensive network, we will rent out your property quickly. We keep in close contact and communicate regularly during this process. Renting out your property in the Eindhoven region? Do not hesitate to contact us. 

We are happy to meet and discuss your wishes and needs. 

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Renting out your property quickly?

Brick Vastgoed has extensive experience in mediating between homeowners, expats and companies. We have direct contacts with Hr departments of (large) companies in the Eindhoven region. Think about companies such as: ASML, Philips and Defence/NATO.

Via Brick Vastgoed, your property comes under the eyes of countless companies and private tenants looking for a rental property. To increase your chances as a tenant and landlord, we work closely together with various partners in the region. As a result, we always quickly find a reliable tenant for your property.

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What do we do as rental agents?

When you want to rent out your property, there are a host of things that need to be taken care of. Let us just be good at that! Throughout the process, there are all kinds of things we take care of for you. As the owner, you will have (almost) nothing to worry about. That sounds nice, doesn't it?

Preperations for rental

  • Preliminary investigation
  • Intake interview
  • Rental value determination
  • Property inventory
  • Recording house
  • Practical tips for preparing the property for rental

Promotion and presentation

  • Drawing up rental text
  • Taking care of photo reporting
  • Property presentation on own website
  • Property presentation on Pararius
  • Property presentation on various other websites
  • Presentation of property on social media
  • Present your property directly to registered candidate tenants via newsletter
  • Present the property directly to the HR departments of various multinationals in the region (expats)
  • Proactively approach potential tenants
  • Via Google SEO and SEA, generate more traffic for the property
  • For rent sign on the property

Hiring process

  • Communicating and informing potential tenantsProviding personal guided tours (multilingual and using international culture training)
  • Feedback response from prospective tenant
  • Updating rental data during letting
  • Professional negotiations
  • Written recording of agreements
  • Requesting documents from tenant (payslip, signed employment contract, ID, bank statement)
  • Assess whether there are sufficient financial resources to pay the rent
  • Extensive tenant screening using Rent Check (ID/debts)
  • Drawing up tenancy agreement (if necessary also in English)
  • Assistance with signing the tenancy agreement
  • Monitoring the terms of the lease and payments
  • Professional tenant platform

If you would like to rent out your property or would like more information without obligation, please contact us. You can do so using our contact form, on 040-2116149 or at

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