Rent a room Eindhoven

Want to rent out a room in Eindhoven? Then Brick Vastgoed is happy to support you in this process. We arrange everything for you and ensure that a reliable tenant is found for your room.

Rental agent in Eindhoven with many possibilities.

Eindhoven is of course a typical student city with TU Eindhoven and over 28,000 students studying in Eindhoven. This includes many students who want to live in Eindhoven, but also starters on the job market are regularly looking for a room in Eindhoven.

Brick Vastgoed brings supply and demand in the field of renting rooms together and ensures that your room doesn't have to be vacant for long. 

Rent a room in Eindhoven

Would you like to rent out a room in Eindhoven? Then we would like to get in touch with you. When renting out a room in Eindhoven, we take great care. We have been renting out rooms, apartments and houses for many years and are only active in Eindhoven and its surroundings.

Our knowledge of the local market is extensive and we know what important points of interest are. We will find a suitable candidate for your room and you can indicate whether you prefer a student or someone who is already working. If you have other requirements or wishes, you can also let us know.

Yes, I want to rent a room

Renting an apartment in Eindhoven

We rent several apartments in Eindhoven and surrounding areas. Brick Vastgoed is well known when it comes to renting a room in Eindhoven. But we are also happy to help you with apartment rentals. We have a wide network with good candidates, including many companies in the region, such as ASML, Philips, NATO etc.

We place your apartment for rent on our website including photos, so that candidates immediately get a complete picture of your apartment. We also take care of the signing of the rental agreement, completion of the payment and handing over of the keys.

House rental in Eindhoven

When we rent out your property in Eindhoven we naturally want to find you a suitable tenant as quickly as possible. Of course Brick Vastgoed B.V. does an extensive preliminary research so you will find a good and reliable tenant.

We will look for a good match between the wishes of the tenant and the requirements of the landlord. We can also advise you whether temporary renting is interesting for you.

We will then send a professional advisor to you to inspect the house. He will give you detailed advice on matters such as the rental price or possible adjustments to the furniture. We help you rent out your house in Eindhoven. We also rent out your house to expats.


A personalized approach for your room

Renting out your room in Eindhoven? As far as we are concerned, that deserves a unique approach. That's why Brick Vastgoed offers a personal customized service, tailored to your specific needs and the unique characteristics of your property.

At Brick Vastgoed, we understand that renting out your room in Eindhoven is more than just a financial transaction. 

Our local expertise and in-depth knowledge of the Eindhoven real estate market enable us to rent out your apartment quickly and efficiently.

We ensure an optimal match between your apartment and reliable tenants, whether students, expats, or professionals.

Renting? Find the perfect room in Eindhoven with Brick Vastgoed

If you are looking for a suitable room in lively Eindhoven, Brick Vastgoed is your optimal guide to realize your living ideals. Thanks to our special role as intermediary for both those who rent and those who rent, we are excellent at effectively providing the ideal pairing.

Whether you are a student, budding professional, or just starting out in the job market, with us you will find a diversity of rooms to suit a variety of needs and budgets.

With our deep expertise in the Eindhoven rental industry and extensive network, we respond quickly to your individual housing needs.

Brick Realty is committed to finding the perfect home for every tenant while guaranteeing a smooth and carefree rental process for our landlords.

Discover the comfort of an experienced intermediary that optimally facilitates both groups, and find your new home in Eindhoven with Brick Vastgoed.

Why choose Brick Vastgoed when renting out a room in Eindhoven?

  • Focused only on Eindhoven and its surroundings and therefore a lot of local knowledge
  • Large network, at universities, colleges and companies
  • Many years of experience in rental of all types of real estate
  • Also active as a property manager in Eindhoven
  • Flexible and collaborative in finding a suitable tenant met ons.

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