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Poppeliers Tuin

PROJECT new construction17 apartments  “Poppelierstuin” Kneppelhoutstraat 1 & 3

Gestel is a green part of town because of the green countryside, the nature and recreation area

Genneper Parks, the Dommel zone, but also because of the many green areas that vein the residential areas. The intended development attempts to connect well with the urban environment, but mainly also to become part of the green structure in the district.

In the new situation, one main 3-story residential volume on the street and four 2-story building volumes in courtyard are planned. 
Behind the main building a courtyard with an open character and part of the spatial environment is created.

Eight apartments are located in the front building and a total of nine dwellings (2-story) in the courtyard. A total of 17 apartments with a utilization area of less than 50 m2 each will be realized.

A cut-out on the first floor of the main volume creates a clear entrance for both the main building and the courtyard behind it. Because the entrance is located to the side and toward the rear of the main building, residents and visitors are already directed to the courtyard. This entrance forms a low threshold and inviting access to the courtyard garden, where the addresses on the rear grounds are clearly visible from the street.

All apartments are oriented to the courtyard or the street to ensure the privacy of the homes to the east and west.
The courtyard should function not only as a common outdoor space vo

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