House rental Meerhoven

Do you want to rent out your house in Meerhoven? Brick Vastgoed is happy to help you with that. Make use of our excellent network! We help you find the perfect tenant for your house in Meerhoven. Whether it's an apartment or student room, temporary housing for an expat or a single-family house, because of our extensive experience we know exactly how to find the right tenant(s) for you.

Brick Vastgoed B.V. therefore has an extensive network. For example, we have contact with large companies such as Philips, Defense and ASML, who regularly seek housing for their expats. Would you rather rent your house in Meerhoven to students? Or to a family that is looking for temporary housing? With us, everything is possible. Your house to let will come to the attention of various companies and consumers who are looking for a rental property. This allows us to safely rent out your house.

Rent out your house in Meerhoven

As a housing intermediary, we specialize in renting out private real estate. Whether you want to rent out an apartment, single-family home or villa, it's all possible. Through our large network, we can bring your house in Meerhoven to the attention of many potential tenants. We also provide good photos and a place on our website, so that interested parties immediately get a clear picture of your house.

Of course we also do extensive preliminary research and talk to you to hear what the right type of tenant for your home is. This allows us to make a good match and get you a reliable tenant. 

Once your home is rented, we also take care of all the management. Both financially, administratively and technically. 


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Do you have any questions or tips beforehand?

Do you have any questions or tips beforehand? Our specialists can always give you tips about the rental price, the duration of the rental and of course the state in which you want to deliver your property: unfurnished, unfurnished or furnished. But of course you can also contact us for other questions.

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How does that actually work, renting out your home?

You are probably wondering how it actually works, renting out your own house in Meerhoven. Therefore, we list the most important steps for you. 

1. Your house is included in our offer

First, we send an employee to view your house. He will take pictures and measure your house. Based on this information, we will put your apartment, house or villa with the other offers on our website. Furthermore, we make window signs and posters. These will be placed on your property so that your house attracts extra attention.

2. Finding the right tenant

Once your property is listed in our rental database, it is important to find the right tenant. To do this, we are going to give your property extra exposure through online advertising and listings on other rental websites. We also grab our database of house seekers. If your property meets the criteria of a potential tenant, they will be notified. 

Do interested parties register? Then we immediately do a background check. We check whether they have sufficient financial capacity to pay the rent. Then we screen the potential tenant.

3. Arranging viewings for you

On your behalf, we will arrange viewings. Together with the interested house hunter we will visit your house in Meerhoven. 

4. You choose the tenant

Based on the results of our income test and the screening, we choose the best candidate for your house. This will be presented to you, because you have the last word. You decide whether to accept this interested applicant as a tenant.

5. Drawing up the rental agreement

We will draw up the rental agreement for you. It is based on the model agreement of the Real Estate Council. First the tenant signs the contract, then you as landlord sign it.

6. The lease takes effect

After the lease is signed by both parties, we will collect the deposit and the first month's rent. We will deposit these into your account upon receipt. 

7. Inspections and key transfer

After both parties have fulfilled their obligations, we will take care of the key transfer and perform an initial inspection. Upon termination, a final inspection and cleaning will take place.