Apartment rental Eindhoven

Do you have an apartment in Eindhoven that you would like to rent out temporarily? Then contact Brick Vastgoed for expert guidance in renting out your apartment or room.

Our experts are happy to help you rent out your apartment in Eindhoven and surrounding areas. Would you like to know what we can help you with? Read on below for an answer to all your questions.

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Renting out your apartment in Eindhoven or surroundings?

Perhaps you are moving or living together? Maybe you have obtained the apartment by inheritance. Either way, it's a shame when a beautiful apartment in Eindhoven stands empty.

By renting out your (second) house or apartment in Eindhoven or surroundings, it will be inhabited and the risk of burglaries and damage will be significantly reduced. In addition, you will receive monthly rental income. 

Apartment rentals Eindhoven and surroundings

We rent and manage various apartments in Eindhoven and surrounding areas. Brick Vastgoed is well known when it comes to renting apartments or rooms in Eindhoven.

We have a wide network with good candidates, including many companies from the region, such as ASML, Philips, NATO etc. We place your apartment for rent on our website including pictures, so that candidates immediately get a complete picture of your apartment.

We also take care of the signing of the rental agreement, completion of the payment and handing over of the keys.

The suitable candidate for your apartment

As a rental agent Eindhoven and surroundings, we can quickly find a tenant for your apartment. We have a large database of house seekers, such as expats, students and young adults.

It goes without saying that we do an extensive pre-screening (including a background check), so that you have a good and reliable tenant (the selection can possibly be supplemented with wishes indicated by you). We also pay attention to a balanced relationship between rent and income.

Advantages of long-term rental

Are you considering renting out your apartment in Eindhoven, but are you hesitating between long-term or temporary rental? Long-term rental has its own advantages.

Besides a stable monthly rental income, you also enjoy greater peace of mind.

By renting out your apartment to a permanent tenant, you build a lasting relationship and can focus on other things instead of constant advertisements and viewings.

Moreover, it is possible to make arrangements with the tenant for the maintenance of the apartment, which can maintain or even increase the long-term value of your property.

Discover the Added Value of Local Expertise

At Brick Vastgoed, we understand the dynamics of the Eindhoven real estate market like no other. With years of experience and in-depth knowledge of local trends, we can optimally position your apartment in Eindhoven for quick and profitable rentals.

We focus not only on finding a suitable tenant, but also on maximizing your return. Our expert brokers provide a seamless experience, from valuing your apartment to managing the rental process.

Your Partner for Carefree Rental

Brick Vastgoed stands for transparency and reliability. We offer a full service package for renting out your apartment in Eindhoven, including legal advice, market analysis and personal guidance.

With our extensive network and marketing strategies, we ensure that your apartment gets the attention it deserves. Whether you opt for short-term or long-term rentals, we guarantee a hassle-free process and strive to maximize the return on your investment.

Temporarily rent out your apartment in Eindhoven

Alternatively, we also offer the possibility of temporary rental of your apartment in Eindhoven. We understand that situations may change and you may only want to rent for a certain period of time.

At Brick Realty, we are ready to support you no matter what your needs are. We make sure that your apartment is presented online, that potential tenants can schedule viewings, and that all the necessary paperwork is handled correctly.

Whether you choose long-term stability or temporary flexibility, we will provide you with the expertise and service you need. Contact us without obligation if you are interested in temporary rentals in Eindhoven, and let's get started together.