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Maldegempad, 5628 NP Eindhoven



Living in a former gym?  Climbing ropes in the living room, the five Olympic rings processed into windows in the front door, a bridge railing as a coat rack, two rings in the toilet, these are all references to the former function as a gym. This can rightly be called a building with history! The house is in a quiet location in the "de Tempel" district, close to a shopping center and the beautiful Henri Dunant Park. The house is also ideally situated in relation to various schools (including the International School) and the Woensel Shopping Center with all necessary shopping facilities.

The landlord is an architect himself and has radically renovated the former gym. Only the outer walls and the flat roof were spared. The original gymnasium had enough height to make it into a floor. The building is divided into two houses. In the middle part of the roof has been removed and a patio has been constructed with window frames with glass all around. The glass surface in the center of the building provides extra daylight in both halves of the living area. Over the entire width of the facade on the east side of the gymnasium was a glass strip of 2.5 meters high, on the west side was a glass strip of two meters high. There was no glass in the south wall of the gym. Because it is adjacent to the garden and that is where the living room would be located, a bay window with French doors was constructed. Above this is the bedroom with full-width windows and a balcony over the bay window.

In the low part you will find the entrance, the spacious living room and utility room, the garden room to the west and the patio. The library, the living room and a workspace with separate toilet are located on the ground floor in the high part. The majestic living room is characterized by an enormous height difference. The seating area feels cosy, partly thanks to the low ceiling.

Above the dining table you can see the high original gym ceiling, as well as the loft. A bundle of climbing ropes hangs in the corner. A round glass bulge subtly divides the living room in two. Behind it is the spiral staircase. A hexagonal glass extension has been made in the roof above the stairs. The staircase leads to the loft, an enormous study space that offers a view of the living room through the balustrade. On the other side of the stairs there are six rooms: a shower room and 2nd bathroom, both with a beautiful granite floor, and four bedrooms, the master bedroom with access to the balcony and air conditioning.

The house also has a beautiful garden with storage that offers privacy, where you can relax in the summer. The garden has a nice roof with heaters and is oriented to the west. The tenant can enjoy the walnut, cherry and apple tree as well as the grape.

- Available per: direct
- The advertised rental price is based upon a rental agreement for a minimum of 12 months.
- Energy costs are not included in the rental price
- Internet and tv will cost around 50 euro a month

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Rent per month: € 2.500,-
Address: Maldegempad
Zip code: 5628 NP
City: Eindhoven
Type of house: Vila
Rooms: 8
Number of bedrooms: 4
Living area: 303 m²
Deposit: € 2.500,-
Location: Residential
available: 2023-10-11
Extras: Soft furnished
Balcony / terrace
Barn / shed
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